What an amazing Popeyes Meu With Prices

Popeyes Meu With Prices

CHICKEN COMBOSconsists of reg facet, biscuit & med drinkmild or highly spicedSIGNATURE DIPPIN SAUCES
– Bayou Buffalo Mardi Gras Mustard
– Bold BQ
– Ranch
– Blackened Ranch
– Cocktail
– Sweet Heat
– TartarCHICKEN PIECE COMBO2 Pc Chicken Combo $6.493 Pc Chicken Combo $7.49four Pc Chicken Combo $eight.Forty nine3 Whole Wings Combo $7.293 Pc Tenders Combo TENDERS COMBOSthree Pc Tenders Combo $6.59five Pc Tenders Cobo $8.59Chicken PO’ Boy Combo $7.29SEAFOOD COMBOSCatfish Combo $7.591/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp Combo $7.49Butterfly Shrimp Combo $7.Forty nineKIDS MEALS$1.Ninety nine1 Mild Tender Or 1 Mild Leg
– Regular Side
– Kids DrinkFAMILY MEALSChicken or Tenders8 Pc Chicken $11.998 Pc Chicken Meal
1 Large Side4 Biscuits $17.9912 Pc Chicken $16.Forty nine12 Pc Chicken Meal
– 2 Large Sides- 6 Biscuits $24.Ninety ninesixteen Pc Chicken $21.Ninety ninesixteen Pc Chicken Meal
– 3 Large Sides- 8 Biscuits $31.99LOCAL FAVORITESLoaded Chicken Wrap $1.49BBQ Chicken Po’ Boy $four.Sixty nineJalapeno (1) $0.29Jalapeno (6) $1.99Jambalaya Combobiscuit covered $6.59Popcorn Shrimp PO’Boy $four.79SIGNATURE SIDESRed Beans & RiceRegular $1.89Red Beans & RiceLarge $3.79Green BeansRegular $1.89Green BeansLarge $three.Seventy nineCole SlawRegular $1.89Cole SlawLarge $three.Seventy nineCajun FriesRegular $1.89Cajun FriesLarge $three.79Onion RingsRegular $1.89Onion RingsLarge $three.Seventy nineMashed PotatoesRegular $1.89Mashed PotatoesLarge $three.Seventy nineCorn On the CobRegular$1.89

Corn On the CobLarge $2.Seventy nineBiscuits (1) $zero.79Biscuits (6) $three.Seventy nineBiscuits (12) $6.99DESSERTSHot Cinnamon Apple Pie $1.19Mardi Gras Cheesecake $1.79Sliced Edwards Pecan Pie $1.69BEVERAGESSODASmall $1.89Medium $2.09Large $2.29GALLONScandy iced tea, lemonade, haw punchHalf Gallon $2.Forty nineGallon $3.99

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